Respect the Vet

Infielder Jamey Carroll has been a trade option for many teams looking for middle infield help this year but surprisingly nobody has bitten on the veteran yet. He has provided solid play throughout the season in a difficult role. Perhaps his biggest contribution has been aiding in the development in the Indians young underrated middle infield of SS Asdrubal Cabrera and 2B Luis Valbuena.

Plays such as Carroll are respected by people who know the game but known by few casual fans. Nearly every team has a veteran like Carroll who is under the radar and while not flashy, is a solid piece of the team.

His slash line for 2009 is a modest .290/.373/.366. This is not good enough to really be a starter, but is good for a utility/platoon infielder. If I had one word to describe Jamey it would be “professional.” He knows how to play the game and to work an at bat.

The things he can bring to a club, when used correctly, could really benefit a contender. The Indians surely could not expect much in return for a month of someone acquiring Carroll, it is a scenario that I thought would take place.

Jamey Carroll is the definition of a true baseball player. Nothing he does is spectacular or above average but he has worked hard to have a big league career and is a true baseball guy.

In what likely will be his last month in Cleveland I will continue to enjoy watching him because he is truly someone I respect for the way he goes about his business.


2 thoughts on “Respect the Vet

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  2. I like the way Wedge has used him this year. He has filled at many spots and always seems to be involved in the offense. He does not cause any problems. He just plays baseball. Bring him back next year.

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