The Fight for Fourth

In the grand scheme of life it really is pretty irrelevant who wins the battle for fourth place in the 2010 American League Central but Manny Acta is pushing his team hard to avoid the embarrassment of finishing in such a position.

With all of the baffling things that have happened so far this year, likely the most concerning is how Trevor Crowe has somehow batted 5th multiple times in the batting order. Crowe is someone who really doesn’t merit consideration to bat in top five of a AAA lineup so when this happened in Cleveland it was just another sign that shows how awful things have really been.

At the beginning of the year there was certainly rotational depth with people like Aaron Laffey, Jeremy Sowers and Carlos Carrasco waiting in the wings ready to pounce on any opportunity to be that 6th starter. Yet, the trio has combined to make just five total starts, all by Laffey, and it seems they all have somehow been passed over in favor of others.

The misery that is David Huff seems to be falling in line with the path Sowers has taken as Acta has developed little patience with his struggles. Their relationship seems to be somewhat similar thus far to the one Jhonny Peralta had with Eric Wedge.

Down the stretch it is great to see Josh Tomlin and Jeanmar Gomez emerging as potential depth in the rotation although their early success does truly mean little.

Michael Brantley has had a little resurgence lately as it seems he is finally settling down into his new found role.

Whether the team can hop on Shin-Soo Choo’s back and overtake the Royals is yet to be seen. If they do they likely can find solace in being possibly the only Cleveland pro sports team to not finish last in its division in the upcoming or current season!


2 thoughts on “The Fight for Fourth

  1. Fourth place sounds better than last place. But if last place allows the team to make some decisions on which current players should even be on the team next year, then let it be last place.
    Who can play 3rd base? It is not Marte, Nix or Valbuena.
    What point is there to keeping Trevor Crowe and Shelly Duncan on the team?
    Why can’t Matt LaPorta establish himself at bat or on the field?
    Can Marson hit above.200?
    What does the coaching staff see in Ambriz?
    Can’t Jensen Lewis run out of options so he cannot be brought up from Columbus anymore?
    Can’t they trade David Huff for a PTBN?
    And finally, can’t Jeremy Sowers just be released?

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