Happy Birthday Lindor12BC

In honor of the Cleveland Indians’ best prospect hitting 20 today I am going to post many Francisco Lindor links and videos for you to take a glance at. Enjoy!

Francisco Lindor on twitter.

Al from TheDiaTribe pays homage to Lindor on 6/14/13.

Al looks at the Lindor selection immediately following the Draft on 6/7/11. 

Al names Lindor as the Indians top prospect on 3/18/13.

Tony Lastoria of IBI discusses the Indians selection of Lindor on 6/6/11. 

Tony’s scouting report on Lindor prior to the 2013 season on 3/17/13.

Ryan Richards of Let’s Go Tribe reviews Lindor’s 2013 campaign on 10/7/13. 

MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo takes a look at Lindor’s future in an MLB Pipeline Perspectives piece from 10/22/13. 

Mayo selects Lindor as the 5th best prospect in baseball after the 2013 season.

Indians VP Ross Atkins heaps praise on Lindor on 5/19/13. 

John Sickels from Minor League Ball reviews the 2011 Indians draft class on 6/11/11. 

David Laurila of FanGraphs has a Q&A with Lindor from 10/2/12.

Andrew Pentis of MiLB.com lets us know how slick Lindor is at short on 2/4/13. 

MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian writes that Lindor’s season will end prematurely due to a back injury on 8/27/13.

BleacherReport tabs Lindor as the Indians best prospect on 9/18/13.

Stephanie Metzger of IBI shares Lindor’s motto with us on 8/5/13.

Sickels rates Lindor as the 7th best prospect in baseball on 9/27/13.


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