Passing Time

It’s hard to describe the emotion that will run through my blood the minute Hammy’s voice flies through the speakers are 9 bells on March 31st. It will be the sound that signals everything that is great about life and how that those things will be back again every day for many months.

We are pretty fortunate with how much we can stay connected to Our Tribe throughout the long winter months when the 25 are out of our reach. People such as Tony Lastoria (and his crew) and Jordan Bastian keep their pulse on the Tribe so we always have Tribe related content to look forward to many days.

It’s really remarkable the access which was tossed onto the web from the recent Tribe Fest and I can’t think of a more enjoyable activity in the world than if my two brothers, Dad and I would have been able to experience something such as that in the three of our younger days. How fantastic would it have been to head to the safety of our beloved Progressive Field in the dearth of winter to spend moments in the mere presence of the ballclub?

This Tribe is not a lock to take a step back in 2014 although it would be remarkable if they matched the 92 win season from 2013. As I analyze the list of non-roster invitees who will be in camp this spring I cannot stop thinking about how ridiculously fortunate the Indians were last season that Scott Kazmir and Ryan Raburn did what they did with the squad. Their performance was miraculous and makes me really spend some time sifting through the baseball reference pages of many of the names on the previously linked list to make an educated attempt at dreaming up some of my own wild scenarios for the next out of nowhere players at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

I’ve recently stumbled across Tribe Talk with Jim Rosenhaus and once again have been baffled at how much of a boost it is to listen to that online late Saturday nights in the basement or maybe even on a Sunday morning. The program is not awesome, but just great yet it is the one place I know each week that I will hear the most first hand interviews of Indians players anywhere on the planet. Every week they seemingly have a couple of current players on the roster checking in with Rosey as the excitement builds up towards the summit of February 17th. Bizarre how closely my brothers, Dad, and I follow the Tribe yet none of us had a clue this existed until I randomly found it maybe 6-8 weeks ago. I listen to Hammy and Rosey almost every night during the season too and I swear I’ve never heard them campaigning for the program.

Where is the excitement of Indians baseball going to lead us in 2014? Every night when I go to bed there is a new hero soaring to the All-Star game a la Jason Kipnis in 2013. So often I’ll find an interview of Nick Swisher smiling constantly throughout which is so touching considering Cleveland just never is a place you hear an athlete warm up to or proclaim their love for. It’s special to support a team with fewer resources than most and always, always an uphill battle ahead as these tiny moments of joy and progress stick longer and connect my heart to the franchise stronger.

I do not have twitter but regularly keep my eyes on Tony and Bastian’s because they have the best Tribe news. I thoroughly enjoy the tweets they repost whenever a Tribe player or Coach proclaims that he is already headed out early to Goodyear.

With these things in mind, my insides keep becoming brighter and brighter by the day as the Tribe keeps creeping towards its full gathering in Goodyear. It cannot come quickly enough.


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